Well, it ain’t the hokey pokey. I rather wish it were. Here’s what I believe it’s all about, how I found out, and the solutions to stopping it.
URGENT: we must convince the FDA to reject the Pfizer shot in kids under 5
How to Respond to Well-Meaning Friends & Relatives Wanting You to Get Jabbed
I just updated this post with new links and info, though you all would like to see it! xo Sally (2/7/22) Did you know that, if you need to supplement…
Build strength, bone density, flexibility (and reverse many ailments)!
Mine, too. For the third time. Here's what I'm doing!
I assumed it was a hoax early on... when did you figure it out?
Homeopathy made a DRAMATIC entrance into my life. I’d had a chronic hacking cough for 8 years, one of the many gifts from a 3-week hospital stay during…
This is working!
How will you prepare for the road ahead?
And not a healthy drop to drink! The 1st in the Series on how to GET healthy & STAY there.
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