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I recently listened to a podcast that blew me away (link at the bottom). Since March 2020, we’ve been living in a world of very bad news, bombarded with…

February 2023

I’ve been an Arbonne user since 2017. Once I found these products, I never looked back, they’ve never failed me. I may have fallen “off the wagon” a…
Answers the question: do I buy one or just buy the food online?

January 2023

The nutshell version.
It’s insane that Big Pharma gets away with this crap. However, now that over 80% of Americans are vaccine-hesitant*, maybe ears will be open to hearing…

December 2022

Brilliant. I am so ready for this!

November 2022

IP = Instant Pot

October 2022

This is a HUGE longevity marker!
This recipe makes flat bread, a loaf, cinnamon rolls -- very versatile!
Could the insanity stop now?