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Sally's Real Life
#7 - Talking with Julie, the Crunchy Legal Lady, Part 2

#7 - Talking with Julie, the Crunchy Legal Lady, Part 2

So much good info!

Part 1 is here.

Just finished my 2nd podcast with Julie the Crunchy Legal Lady, and already can’t wait for part 3!!! She is a wealth of information on the legal and communication issues we are all dealing with (or pretty sure to be doing so at some point) in these very strange times.

Plus she’s young, just finishing law school and 100% for health freedom, religious rights, how to communicate effectively with friends and family who are not (yet) on our same page… It’s extremely exciting for me to be able to help broadcast her message.

You can also listen on Spotify and Apple!

About Julie

Julie and I met via our local food buying club featuring raw milk, pastured meats & eggs, clean food so I knew she was one of my people! She's about to graduate law school with plans to specialize in health freedom issues. We definitely need more bright young stars on our team!

Known on Insta as Crunchy Legal Lady, Julie has been a law clerk and legal researcher for one of the most successful health freedom law firms in the US. Before law school, Julie worked in the research industry helping high touch clients such as Yale, Harvard, and Google to create and fulfill their research studies.

Mom to three littles, Julie is truly a crunchy mama from birth to food to medicine. In fact, her 3rd birth was a free birth! She loves to study how to avoid toxins, protect her rights, and do things in a natural way.

Lucky for us, her passion is sharing all this information with you and me. Including the real problems with the research we are looking at…

Here’s my plan for living my best life: surround myself with friends who are experts in the freedom issues I am not able to learn, then LISTEN. What a blessing!

I would love if you would listen and let me know what you think. What other questions do you have for Julie? And what other topics would you like to learn about?

xo Sally

Sally's Real Life
Sally's Real Life
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