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Sally's Real Life
#8: Talking with Nikki Braun

#8: Talking with Nikki Braun

How to Detox Safely & Thoroughly

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Today’s guest is my friend Nikki Braun. I met Nikki in June 2021 when I was looking for a supplement to help with my detox regimen. Her suggestion worked so well that I started working with her. Even though we've worked together for 3 years, this was our first convo face to face -- spectacular :)

Nikki is a holistic wellness coach focused on root causes and detoxification. She believes as I do that there are a few major [blatant] reasons that are [ahem] overlooked as to why we as a society have so many health issues.

Let's get to the root of THAT, shall we?

It's impossible to heal a body overwhelmed by toxins. Detox is essential, particularly in today's world when the toxins are coming at us from all angles (which we talk about in the podcast).

🌿 Thank you, Nikki, for being on the show and thank you, Listeners, for being here with us. Y'all rock!!! 🎉

xo Sally

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