Sally's Real Life
Sally's Real Life
Derek Nance & the Raw Paleo Diet (since 2011)
Derek Nance & the Raw Paleo Diet (since 2011)

Talking today with my long-time friend & fellow liberty warrior Derek Nance. Derek and I met just over 2 years ago thru mutual friends at a newly formed liberty meeting. Derek is the real deal.

I am fascinated with the raw paleo diet and easing myself into it. It makes perfect sense to me and apparently quite a few others! Another dear friend, a young homeschooling mommy of 8, just went raw and loves it.

So, heck, I'm in! Listen as Derek explains the why, when, and how of this healthful & nourishing diet.

Watch the video here: on Rumble here.

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Sally's Real Life

Sally's Real Life

Where we talk about REAL life, not that fake TV stuff! Dive into REAL food, health, farmers, medicine, and the freedom to choose for you and your family. BRACE YOURSELF: we are not aligned in any way with ConMed (Conventional Medicine). Still drawing outside the lines but now there are millions of others doing it, too. Welcome!

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