Hi Sally,

Thanks for this! One more supplement I would add is Pro-Resolving Mediators. We found out about these, for our daughter with intellectual disability and seizures, from a doctor who has done a lot of work with dementia patients. He has seen impressive results with PRMs in that population, and recommended it for us - and we did see some really remarkable improvements in cognition. We had already been using MCT oil, and will continue it, but our doctor's view is that PRMS are in a class by themselves, a level up from MCT.

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Oct 3, 2022Liked by Sally Oh

Thanks for this great essay, Sally! I need to work in these thing now. Two years of Covid stress and two moves in 16 months and one more coming up in a few months when the house we’re building is finished have led to a lot of brain fog and memory loss. This in addition to the only rental we could find was close to power lines. Too much!

If you will be in Knoxville for the conference, maybe we can talk about this some more!

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